Pyramid salt flakes (40%) are blended with dried and ground edible hibiscus flowers (60%) in this all-natural gourmet salt. With its wonderful rose-violet hue and a fruity sweet flavor that contrasts beautifully with the salt, Hibiscus Salt is perfect for finishing dishes, sprinkling on chocolate desserts, or giving your Margaritas a lovely twist. Season your meats and add flavor to marinades. Grind over goat cheeses for a luscious flavor and presentation. Endless possibilities!

Sold in a convenient resealable 100g/3.5oz net pack.

Hand made in small batches, using unique techniques and all natural ingredients, this is a wonderful product unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. The process begins with the harvest of the beautiful Hibiscus Sabdariffa, the edible hibiscus, found in the tropical rainforest in the North of Australia. The center of the wild hibiscus flowers is carefully handpicked, seeds removed, and then sun-dried in the Australian sun, later crushed and mixed with salt flakes are sourced from an environmental river desalination project in the Australian outback



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