This product is the world’s first produced commercial butterfly pea flower extract – designed for the creatives in the cocktail and food industry and food and cocktail lovers.  Contains the equivalent of 3-4 boxes of tea.  Achieve a great color with just a few drops (will not water down the cocktail as a tea extraction might).


  • A bright blue concentrated extract from the butterfly pea flower.and water.

  • Mild flavor

  • Adds a natural sweetness

  • Totally soluble

  • Mixes well with herbs & spices

  • Just three ingredients – butterfly pea flowers, sugar


Net weight 100 ml

You can use b’Lure straight out of the dropper bottle which is naturally bright blue.  An edible natural blue food is quite rare in nature.  That’s why b’Lure is so special.

If other ingredients are added that have a higher acidity (like limes or lemons), the color then changes from blue to purples and pinks depending on surrounding light & the acidity (pH) of the drink or food it is mixed with.

More Acid = More Purple – The color is blue at pH 8 to pH 4 (if in neutral substances like water, clear spirits or milk). It will change to royal purple at pH 3 and to bright pink at pH 2 (so the more acidic it becomes after adding other ingredients).



A high concentration extract from hibiscus flowers.  Its a natural red that can be used for food and beverages and has an intense mixed berry-type taste.


  • Made from fresh cold-pressed hibiscus flowers, dried hibiscus and
    cane sugar.  That’s it.

  • Use likea bitters– just a few drops per cocktail for vibrant red color in beverages.

  • Great as an all-natural substitute for flavors like rhubarb, raspberry, cherry, pomegranate or grenadine.

  • Can substitute hibiscus flower extract where hibiscus tea is called for in craft cocktails and other beverages.

  • Add a few dashes in your cooking and cake frosting.  Imagine a beautiful crimson hibiscus macaroon!


Net weight 100 ml



A high concentration extract from the most premium hibiscus and Bulgarian rose flowers. This product is extremely luxurious with a divine aroma of rose essential oils, rounded out by the mixed berry-type taste of hibiscus so doesn’t overpower.


  • A top favorite by bartenders!

  • Five ingredients – hibiscus flowers, Bulgarian rose flowers, sugar, water and soy lecithin.a bitters – just a few drops per cocktail for vibrant pink color.  Also, use for cooking applications such as macaroons and cake decoration.

  • Goes particularly well with mezcal for a perfect pairing or to a glass of Champagne.
    Works very well for frosting, icing, cakes and desserts

  • Natural flavor and pink coloring for food and beverages.

Net weight 100 ml



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